BDH Property Group focuses on helping people. We want to make a difference in  your life. If your life is better then you can make someone else's life better as well. How can you make your life better? 

With More Money

If you build houses you give people somewhere to live. If you make more money you spend more money giving people jobs and also them an income for them to live. 

Without money the world doesn't work. I can assure you that you can help a lot more people when you're rich than when you're not. So we want to help you!

Don't believe that money is important? Well let me ask you this. How would your life be if you had 1 million dollars LESS at the moment? Would that make your life better?

What about the other way. What about if you had 1 million dollars MORE at the moment? How would that make your life, would that make it better? 

Now that we have established that making more money is important so you can help more people. How do we help you?

Well firstly we specialise in Residential Property in the form of land, townhouses and houses. We want to help you maximise your returns so that you make more money and make more people's lives better.  We can provide outcomes to help with existing owners looking to maximise their investment and also people looking at getting into the property market to begin making their wealth. 

You don't think you have enough money to get started? Well that's ok. Why don't you get in touch with us to see if you can help you somehow. 

On top of just providing a property company to help you help others, we also are a fully Licensed Real Estate Agency with Sales, Leasing and Property Management so we can help you with every step on your property journey. 

Typical Real Estate Agencies just want to manage your property, or sell it for you and that is where their journey with you ends. BDH Property Group can get involved to help you grow your portfolio. We can work with you throughout every process of your property investment from buying through to managing the property to save you money along every step of the way!

We also have a number of ways we are giving back to the community at the moment by designing and building houses for the disabled to live in, affordable housing options in the form of rooming houses for low income earners and building 1 and 2 bedroom affordable options for areas where they are lacking. This is all on top of providing people nice new houses for people to live in. 

So get in contact with us and let us help you to help others 

The Director

Benjamin Holt

My mum was a school teacher and my dad was a police officer. They are not high paying jobs so I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth. My parents learnt how property works and I spent the time that I remember growing up learning about investment and development as they didn't teach me that in school.  During this time I fell in love with Real Estate as I saw first hand how it can enrich and benefit people's lives at an accelerated pace. This love and passion for property lead me to a Property Degree from RMIT University, becoming a fully Licensed Real Estate Agent and an International Author for publishing a book about property and finance called 'The Money Secret - Work because you want to, not because you have to'. You can find the link for the book below. 

The experience and knowledge that I have gained over the time has given me incredible insights and knowledge which were paramount in enabling me to be involved in over $20 million of property acquisitions alone over the last 3 years, leasing 1,400 properties in the same period whilst providing substantial returns to those who invested in projects.

Now that I don't work for someone else full time I have more time to help you, help others. 

Being an expert in leasing, acquisition, design are the three easiest ways to help maximise your investment returns and BDH Property Group can help you in all of these areas. 

A good place to start is to read my book which you can purchase below. 



Call or email our Director Benjamin on the contact details below. 

0403 694 779


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